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The principles of interior decoration in classic style

The principles of interior decoration in classic style

The principles of interior decoration in classic style

Classic style: what is this style: the classic style (western traditional), from antique furniture to print floral fabrics, sometimes is known as an old-fashioned and outdated. But such a thing is not true. Although the appearance of this style was inspired by the past, but really its purpose is being convenient at home. All elements have a familiar sense and have been taken in their place in a right way.

The style’s secret: symmetry

As Khane.com reports: everything from furniture to furniture placement is in the balance in a traditional design. The furniture tends to be placed in a formal arrangement so that the others to be invited to talk and to be placed along the room’s axis. Of course, there is no reason that every things are in harmony in this style, but this style is nor proper for those who are interested in disharmony and compilation ways.

Although you should not much far of a coincidence away, but there are subtle ways to keep the space of home far of having a static effect. Put a tall mirror against the wall, fit the artworks on the wall in groups to create a sense of movement, or put a table next to the armchair. In this room, the carpet irregular shape has gotten the room out of being spiritless and has given it energy.

The style’s secret: soft margins

There is no sharp angles in this room because traditional style emphasis is on curved lines and spaces. The circular things provoke a sense of cozy and originality and they are in harmony and balance with leggy chairs and tables. The bolsters are plump and the number of cushions is very much.

Use of different furniture to have an updated space and use of textured and neutral fabrics so that your old sofas and chairs take a new look. Avoid of putting a lot of fabric furniture in a room because the space closes greatly to the Victorian style.

The style’s secret: conservative colors

In a traditional space, a color is not too prominent and using of it is very conservative. Using of neutral colors like cream, beige, brownish grey, yellowish brown is common, but the dark browns, reds, greens, and the dark blues (think about a library) will also have an incredibly beautiful appearance in traditional spaces.

The neutral colors always have a beautiful effect, but if you want to make a little change in color go a little beyond of these principles. You can use of pale blue, pale violet, spring green, yellow, or even of light red.

Keep the darkness degree of the colors equal is a key way to bring colors in the space. The light shades, like lemon yellow, violet, and turquoise make the space fresher, but for your design is still in traditional region, combine them by inhibitor colors and use of them in situations, spaces, and common parts.

The style’s secret: attractive and powerful wood color tones

The dark wood color tones- like walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak wood dominate on traditional style.

Railings made of walnut wood in a white staircase to timbers made of cypress wood in the ceiling, all give a warmness to a traditional space and make it cozy and comfortable.

Let the floors made of forest trees to be glared in the space: do not leave them completely naked, but also do not hide them by a very large carpet. Using of layers of wood in other parts of the furniture that have a similar color to each other have made the space unmixed and charming.

The style’s secret: templates and baseboards

The classic rooms are famous for beautiful surfaces. Usually plasterworks and ready wood woks have many powerful details like Greek geometric chain and are in white or ivory. Although there is no reason that traditional baseboards are very decorative, but they definitely should add to the space a visual weight; a few templates and beautiful niches are seen in this room.

Decorate around the fireplace with a beautiful plasterwork and keep the mantel above it clean and simple. Use of wood lining on the wall. Of course, do not forget that it should not overuses of decorations and plasterworks.

The style’s secret: uncommon rugs

Kilim rugs, Iranian carpets, and oriental rugs never become old-fashioned (because when you pay a lot of money for a high quality carpet, so you do not hide it from the eyes any more). These rugs and carpets are like jewel: you can combine them with anything. They can be mixed with background, but their presence always shadows over a room.

If you want to use of these carpets in a different way, you can put them on hemp fibers. Or work with scales: a small carpet next to a large carpet, or three thin carpets in a row.

The style’s secret: light shine, pretentious sparkle

Do not forget the chromium colors, you need to warm and light colors. Think about brass, bronze, and copper for optical devices and chandeliers. The framed mirrors and artworks are always in a priority. The crystal chandeliers and candles complement a beautiful traditional space.

First of all, do not use of shiny brass of 1980s. Use of the dark metals, rusty, and textured instead. Oil bronze gives space a beautiful effect and also it combines with classic arrangement well. You can also use of tin which is very useful in some places.

The style’s secret: beautiful designs and patterns

Plaid fabrics, stripes, floral, canvas and etc. all are used in traditional style (sometimes all in one room). Act in combination of these fabrics freely, but use of a specific color palette and do not use of many dark and light colors.

It is no matter that what patterns and designs in traditional style should take the task of creating symmetry. But you can update them by choosing large sizes and bright colors. The floral fabric of the dining chair has created a beautiful contrast in this room and has not too far away from its traditional origin.

The style’s secret: clean curtains

Lots of lightproof, luxurious fabric, and decorations like tassels draw attention to traditional curtains. The curtains, whether plain or pleated and with ornaments or strap or without these, and café curtains are traditional elements. It is also used of simple blinds in traditional style.

Do not let the curtains are spoiled because they make space dull. If you are fans of linear styles, use of Romans blinds. Just care about setting of curtain fabric with furniture fabric; using of similar colors makes space monotonous and stressful.

The style’s secret: Art decoration materials

The traditional style has not a place for cool colors, empty walls or cramped shelves that it makes intimate atmosphere of the home destroyed. Collections are gathered together or are arranged in a logical manner: porcelains, sculptures, plants, boxes, and bubbles.

The decorative works usually are fitted at a height of eye level; usually several ornamental materials are placed in the same frames to create a beautiful arrangement in space. The plates and trays are fitted on the wall. Also, it is used of big and tall mirrors in this style.

The colors and dark color sculptures create a very good impression in a traditional atmosphere. Also the modern materials can be used in a traditional context. Many black and white photos are used in this style. Also using of canvas without frame bring them out of formal mode.

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