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Steel Doors

There are many door options for your home , but a steel door is by far the best when it comes to security and durability.

Steel Doors

These beneficial characteristics of steel entry doors have contributed to their rise as one of the most popular entry doors for residential homes.The fact that they are much stronger and less expensive than fiberglass and wood doors has also made them a popular choice. Another great benefit to steel doors is that they don't chip , crack or even warp. The worst that can happen is that the door can get dented , but that is easily repaired. You can also consider steel garage doors for your home.
While a steel door can be used as an interior option , they are often prohibitively expensive to place throughout your home. They are typically found on front or back entryways , since they're not only tamper-resistant but can also support the weight of heavier door lock cylinders.
What to Look For
When you’re in the market for steel doors with a frame , you want to ensure the door has the cutouts and design that matches your establishment. Some manufacturers have doors that are solid , while others offer window cutouts , different colors and even framing designs to customize the look of your establishment’s exterior.
Most doors are factory-primed , which means you can paint them to your own color specifications. If you’re looking for a longer lasting paint , consider having the manufacturer do the painting for you.
Steel Door Characteristics
Steel doors are made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel. A very good quality door has 24- or 25-gauge steel , so keep that in mind when you look in to purchasing your door. When it comes to steel doors , you can buy factory-made versions or special-order doors. Most steel doors go through an embossing process to have a wood-grain pattern added to the door , making them look better than simple , plain , smooth steel. Some types of steel doors have a wood-fiber coating so that they can be stained , while some have real wood veneer laminated onto their surfaces. It's easy to find the exact door to suit the look you want , from smooth to textured to ready-to-paint. Plus , as in the image above , many aesthetic aspects , like decorative glass , can be added to a steel door.

Steel doors are made with polyurethane insulation , which provides a double insulating effect for your house. This adds up to both energy savings and money savings. Steel has natural insulating qualities , and the added insulation makes steel doors great for keeping the warm or cold air in your home. Don't discount that when you choose a steel door over a wood door , you are saving trees from being cut down.
Many conventional steel doors are factory-primed with a baked-on polyester finish , which means that the door could chip. If chipping happens , your just have to repaint. To avoid the problem altogether , look for a steel door with a vinyl coating that will protect the door from chipping and make it more resistant to the elements.
Not all steel doors with frames are fire resistant. In fact , even wood doors can be fire-rated. In general , fire resistance metal steel doors offer a 20-gauge steel skin and have a 20-minute fire rating. That means it can block extensive heat and flame for 20 minutes to allow you and your patrons to reach safety. The fire-rating sticker located on the door itself indicates just how long your door is rated for.
Steel Doors Maintenance
To clean your door and keep it in good condition , it is important to follow these tips. The product recommended for maintenance is car wash soap. This type of soap does not contain detergent that could damage your door. Used with a soft cloth and some water your doors will regain its beautiful shine. Avoid pressure cleaning machines , they can damage the finish and cause water infiltration.
Steel doors are versatile. Contrary to popular belief , steel doors are just as easy to repair as wooden doors. The only difference is that you cannot repair them with wood putty. Scratches and dents are a common problem with any establishment’s exterior doors. And , even though steel doors can scratch or dent easily , they are simple to repair and rarely require replacement as often as fiberglass or wood door options.

Both wood and metal doors allow homeowners to get creative when it comes to stylization. However , wood doors generally cater better to DIY homeowners who are keen to the maintenance standards it takes to keep this material’s pristine appearance. Regular painting or varnishing is essential to keep wood looking its best , and these anticipated cost considerations are not applicable for metal door owners. Energy efficiency is also another benefit that comes standard with steel or iron doors. Overall , if you’re mulling over cost considerations between all these different door materials , remember that eliminating maintenance costs is a huge advantage of investing in iron or steel doors. Style , security , and savings are why so many homeowners continue to stick with steel or iron exterior doors.

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