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Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel

Stainless steel and galvanized steel are two different types of steel both are produced to prevent corrosion damages.

Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel

Main Difference
The manufacturing process of the stainless steel involves a mixture of minimum 10 percent chromium and regular carbon steel. Both of these materials are used in the soften form. After the completion of this procedure , this mixture is then left in order to make it and become settled in the hard shape. After that for the prime goal of removing any impurities may present on its surface , the treatment of steel is performed. In the end , the procedure of passivation is applied in order to give it a protective layer. On the other hand , making the Galvanized steel is a quite different procedure because you need to coat the regular carbon steels by means of zinc the main function of which is to make it protective from rusting. There are two types of methods are used for this intention known as electro-galvanizing and hot-dipping. To apply the process of hot-dipping you are required to wrap up the steel in a burning liquid of zinc. After it cools , the zinc coating and the steel adhere will result in making the galvanized steel. For making the galvanized steel , you have to immerse the steel in an electrolyte solution.
Stainless Steel
The major quality of the Stainless steel is to never corrode or rust and contain the basic qualities of the steel at the same time. You will find at least 10.5% to 11% chromium amount by mass in the stainless steel. This is the major reason that it forms a chromium oxide layer in the motionless form providing it the non-corrosion ability as well. The utilization of the stainless steel can be observed in the daily course of life easily and effectively such as in the buildings , monuments , automobile , machinery and more. If you wish to buy the Stainless steel , then you need to pay more as it is far costlier as compared to the galvanized steel. Since the stainless steel is manufactured by the use of the chromium thus its protective layer is in place all the time resulting it more stringer than the Galvanized Steel. The stainless steel is used in the construction of skyscrapers and homes because of more strength. The pipelines are always made up from the stainless steel , in addition to the most important hand tools and saw blades. Use of stainless steel in useful in the marine environments because of having more resistant to salt.

Galvanized Steel
The main purpose of manufacturing the Galvanized steel is to prevent the process of the corrosion in the desired area. For accomplishing this task , the Galvanized Steel is well coast with the layers of zinc. The steel is submerged in the melted formed zinc for making the Galvanized Steel. It is the chemical reaction between the zinc and the steel surface that bonds the zinc to the steel on permanent basis. The zinc will be found on the surface and in the below layers of the Galvanized Steel. The presence of zinc in the Galvanized Steel is responsible for enhancing the corrosion withstanding ability of it. You can check the wide use of the Galvanized steel in the industrial applications and for buildings. The price of the Galvanized Steel is rather low.

Key Differences
•    The main purpose of both the steels is to prevent the process of corrosion. The Chromium is added in stainless steel for this aim while using the zinc is the common practice in the galvanized steel to accomplish this task.
•    The Zinc can be found in the Galvanized steel in the shape of layers. In contrast , the stainless steel contains the chromium in the form of dispersing inside it.
•    The galvanized steel is not as much powerful as the stainless steel since even a scratch can tend it to corrode but the stainless steel can survive for a longer period and not affected by a single scratch.
•    The stainless steel is more costlier.

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