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An Efficient Dust Mask

GVS Elipse P100 half mask , a lightweight and comfortable dust mask that doesn't obstruct your vision.

An Efficient Dust Mask

Jeff Sheridan , who owns a painting company in New York , tried out the mask at his home while cutting cement board with an angle grinder for a tiled tub surround. Here's what he has to say about the product:

Right away , I was impressed. It’s super lightweight and has a very comfortable fit , which will lend itself well to wearing for extended amounts of time. The low profile of the filters was great for looking down and being able to see what I was working on. As I was working and looking around , it occurred to me that it is basically the size of a paper mask with much more filtration.

The mask kept out all odor and dust from cement board as I cut at high rpms , so I am confident it will work great while hand-sanding millwork in homes. It comes with a storage bag , which is convenient , so you can keep dust out of the inside of the mask when it’s not in use. The price (approx. $25) is fair enough that I can provide them to my employees. The one design feature that I would like to see added would be a latch system in the head band elastic. Having such a system would provide a way to drop down the respirator to hang around your neck , to easily pull up and strap again. This way you wouldn’t have to fully remove it and find a clean place to set it down between tasks , which is currently the case. Replacement filters run about $10 for a two-pack.

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