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How do I create a product on my site


As a webmaster you can put a product on your site. steps insert products to introduce or sell any product listed in the following guide is written along with the image . After login with administrator accounts seen in the picture menu Add product can be chosen

After choosing the option of adding the product you will be asked which type of product in the areas of activity in the construction category will be selected. Categories are varied and covers almost all cases related to the building . In the picture below you can see the list

To add details to the following menu you will find product information such as product , choose category and insert the image or video you require . Insert symbols necessary information that is required and must be imported are red . You can see the information listed in the chart below :

The next part of the requested information is not essential but would be more interesting for visitors of your site to get more information of products . The general form is as follows :

+ Price: You can see the discounted price or without the option Insert.

+The minimum order: As an administrator you can buy for your customers to determine the number of floors and the possibility of buying less than this number is not possible.

+ Payment Terms: Any company with a service that offers a variety of payment methods can be put at the disposal of users. By choosing any of these options when ordering this option will be displayed to your customers.

+ Delivery method: write write their own practices require bulky goods. That's why a variety of ways to store your site has been submitted

+ Brand: product categories on your site can be based on the brand. Choose a product with the brand when inserted in these categories will be more regular.

+Tags: by selecting your product key words in Google will show more consistent.

+Time Published: you can now post content and the date will be determined by you publish on your site.

+Activate review: If you want customers to be able to comment on your products can enable this option.

+Special product: Products that have this symbol are indicated with a special icon.

+ View product: The product can be released or placed on the list of Bgyrd.ayn option with Yes and No. You can paint specify


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