شما از نسخه قدیمی این مرورگر استفاده میکنید. این نسخه دارای مشکلات امنیتی بسیاری است و نمی تواند تمامی ویژگی های این وبسایت و دیگر وبسایت ها را به خوبی نمایش دهد.
جهت دریافت اطلاعات بیشتر در زمینه به روز رسانی مرورگر اینجا کلیک کنید.

What is the cause of maintaining of housing recession?

A housing expert said: the impact of Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Acion’s political developments was not more than 30% on housing economy but some tried to show that this impact is 60-70% that this caused the housing doesn’t enter to exiting the recession

What is the cause of maintaining of housing recession?

Mr. Aghashte in interviewing with ISNA reporter declared: Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action’s impact on major political developments in the housing area is less than 30% but unfortunately the officials showed that the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action’s impact is 60-70% on housing sector that it was a kind of illusion. For this reason, the defects that incurred on Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action had negative impacts on housing sector and this sector could not enter to exiting the recession phase. If we look more realistic, because of booming it should make the better economic conditions in housing sector but it was prevented by grandiosity.

He added: the experts believe the country economy in after JCPOA period is capable to absorb a trillion dollars that I believes to half of this amount. However, the development and housing sectors are capable to absorb and turnover 80% of this amount (500 billion dollars). But our looking at the investment has been stringent until today that if we’re to be accepted foreign investor, we should coordinate our rules with them so that they can spend less time to perform their plans confidently.

This housing expert stressed: however one of the prerequisites of economy is politics but its actual value must be considered not over it. Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Acion could not affect more than 25 to 30 % in housing sector but unfortunately the housing was affected more by don’t implementing of JCPOA due to social interaction with other areas.

Mr. Aghashte stating that the main reason of housing recession is excess supply over demand, declared: the equilibrium was disturbed in housing market and for this reason the prices must be adjusted or must be reached to base rate as time goes on. In this regard, the government should lower its role in construction and it should regulate the market. Whenever the country’s economy has encountered with an inflation event, it has affected the urban economy. This is where the government must act to regulate the market or exiting the recession.

He pointed out: the housing area has about 200 related fields but we see that the government doesn’t enter to that and conversely it offers the facilities to automotive sector to exit the recession. The reason of such decisions is that the government itself is more beneficiary than people in automotive. This housing expert emphasized on finishing of Mehr housing project and said: Mehr housing project was applied with the decisions in previous government in any case that of course I have criticized and yet criticizes it as an expert. But the fact is that the Mehr housing project is effective in small towns while there is no idea for selling them. It’s natural in this conditions that the housing doesn’t exit of the recession but it exists as a living thing. Mr. Aghashte supposes predicting of future state of the housing sector requires to government’s performances and policies and added: if the housing locates in normal conditions naturally the supply and demand should be adjusted. Then the construction boom is created that of course we don’t expect this for current year. Initially the buying and selling should reach to certain level and then it starts to construct.

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