شما از نسخه قدیمی این مرورگر استفاده میکنید. این نسخه دارای مشکلات امنیتی بسیاری است و نمی تواند تمامی ویژگی های این وبسایت و دیگر وبسایت ها را به خوبی نمایش دهد.
جهت دریافت اطلاعات بیشتر در زمینه به روز رسانی مرورگر اینجا کلیک کنید.

The principles of picture hanging on the walls of the house

The home’s arrangement and decoration is one of the most basic housewifery points for soul peace and the beauty and modernity, hanging picture is one of the most important things that you should know that any picture should not be hung anywhere and on any

The principles of picture hanging on the walls of the house

Sometimes, it has not proportion and symmetry with furniture arrangement in no way. For hanging picture, you should consider everything: from picture’s weight and the nail that you have selected for hanging to accurate measure for taking right in the middle of the part that is to be hung.

1. Being balanced

One of the most important tools for hanging picture and artworks on the wall is balancing. You can use of both its tool and tape measure for balancing.

2. Nail and hammer

Hook, nail or metal clamp? Which of them is proper for hanging picture on the wall? Hook and nail should be strong as enough as possible to be able to easily bear the picture weight.

If a large and heavy weight picture to be used you should also help of metal hooks and straps. Of course, the wood types of these hooks are also available. However, due to the artwork’s size and weight, you should fix it on the wall as the best way as possible.

3. The picture above the fireplace

If you want to select a picture for top of the fireplace, you should be aware that its width is not more than the fireplace’s width. In addition, you must hang it in the middle of the fireplace’s width so it could show itself.

4. Appropriate height

Although the types of couches and sofas are different from each other, but you should know if you want to hang a picture on the top of them on the wall, it should be hung about 20 to 30 cm higher than sofa.

Like things that we mentioned about fireplace, the picture on the top of the sofa should also be hung exactly in the middle of the sofa (regardless of door and window and other items).

5. Wall in the wall

Hanging many pictures on a wall needs to taste and preparations. For this purpose, you should first arrange all the pictures that are to be hung on a wall, on the floor together, then set their arrangement in your mind or on a paper due to their size and form. Then hang them on the wall in the same way. The pictures’ being aligned and their taking balance together is very important.

6. Picture in the restroom

Although it is not so good to hang an artwork in the restroom because it may deteriorate, but there are options that allow you to do this. To make the artworks and paintings waterproof, you can use of frames with glass.

They will have more attraction what you select these frames more surprisingly.

7. Using of printed images

The rooms that have bright colors is the best place to benefit from the impact of the paintings or printed works. For this purpose, select images that have a bold pattern and color. But select a simple and metal frame for them.

This makes the internal image of the frame more glared. In order to be not faded the color of these printed images, we recommend to use of anti-UV coating. Or select a glass frame.

8. Fill the nail hole

If the place that you have opened for hanging picture was not good for any reason and you should displace it, fill inside of the hole with putty and putty knife surely and do not let it remains as empty and deformed.

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