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The Plight Of The Tiny House

Minimalists are doing for tiny houses what hipsters did for coffee houses and winter hats but, unfortunately, as many people are beginning to discover, hip and trendy tiny homes are also often illegal.

The Plight Of The Tiny House

The problem with tiny houses, as pbs.org reports, is that once they are built and purchased, discrepancies on how they are classified and where they can go arise. Should they be classified as RVs, mobile homes, backyard cottages, or something else entirely? 

Regardless of how they are classified, zoning ordinances still restrict them in many places as residents and local officials are worried they will drive down property values. 

While many view tiny homes as a solution to the affordable housing crunch, they aren’t for everyone. A large portion of those looking for affordable housing are retired people, disabled people, and families, groups where a 200 square foot home with a loft you need to climb up to is not much of a solution. 

Another issue is that the costs of a tiny home often look lower than they will actually be. Even in areas where tiny homes are permitted, buying the home is only one part of the purchase. Land needs to be purchased to put the tiny home on, and that can often cost more than the house itself.

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