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Rippled Tower

Rippled Tower

The tower will become the tallest building in what is Canada’s 6th largest city.

M City is a $1.5 billion 10-tower master-planned community being developed for Mississauga , Ont., that will begin to rise and take shape over the next decade. M city will offer residents 6,000 new units for sale or rent across 4.3 million sf , and the first piece of the M City puzzle has recently been revealed.
A 60-story rippled tower that will become the tallest building in the city when completed will kick off phase one of the new community’s development. The Core Architects-designed tower , chosen via an invited design competition , has a unique rippled façade created from the twisting of seven floor plates that stack in a repetitive pattern as the building rises. The result is a tower that has the aesthetic of fluid movement.
While the new tower may become the tallest in the city , its glass podium is what will provide the lifestyle component to the building. It is designed to connect the building with the streetscape and future phases of M City.
Retail , public space , and a large rooftop terrace will be included in the glass podium along with other amenities such as a chef’s kitchen and dining room , lounges , a kids’ play zone , and a gym with yoga and spinning rooms. Cecconi Simone is handling interior design duties for the project.

When the entirety of M City is completed , it is anticipated that 15,000 people will call it home. In addition to the 10 new towers , M City will also provide two acres of parkland and infrastructure improvements , such as extending existing city streets on an angular plane to create a network of blocks and creating a pedestrian-friendly environment with large sidewalks and residential frontages. Urban Capital Property Group and Rogers Real Estate Development Limited , the project owner , are developing M City.

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