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New LED Light

This two LED fitted light has a cooling system and uses lenses to spread the glow.

New LED Light

The Cu-Beam Duo is a new lighting system that uses just two LEDs , not the hundreds that most commercial lighting fixtures use , to light the space below the fixture , above the fixture , or a combination of the two. Each LED is about the size of a quarter , massive for LED standards , and is fitted with custom-engineered lenses to spread the glow over a larger area. One LED provides the light for task surfaces below while the other provides the ceiling light , which is optimal for illuminating open spaces like atriums , or offices.
The actual lights make up just a small portion of the 28-inch fixture , however. The rest is a large heat sink with the sole purpose of keeping the LEDs cool because a cool LED can run for a very long time without fading or discoloring. The Cu-Beam Duo uses heat pipe technology to cool the two LEDs.
The Cu-Beam Duo uses six vacuum-sealed heat pipes to transfer heat away from the light source to be dissipated along the wings. Each tube contains a drop of water. When the light is turned on , the heat turns the water into vapor. The vapor then disperses throughout the pipe and , when it reaches a cool area of the tube , condenses back into water. A copper wick then draws the water back toward the heat source and the process starts again.

The stock light puts out 8 ,500 lumens but it can be changed and fitted with a 20 ,000 lumen LED. Additionally , there are sensors that can detect when no one is at the table or workspace below and shut off the down light , leaving just the up beam on to keep the room illuminated. Additionally , each lamp has internal shutters that can crop the down beam to the width of the table below with no spill. The crop light is not wasted , though. The Cu-Beam Duo uses "Ricochet" technology to convert any unwanted down light into up light.
The Cu-Beam Duo has not been priced yet , but the company says it was designed with the intention of being used for large-scale , commercial products. The lights will be available in silver , black , and white with Dyson offering a range of custom colors , as well.

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