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جهت دریافت اطلاعات بیشتر در زمینه به روز رسانی مرورگر اینجا کلیک کنید.

Efficient use of light in home decoration

Most people who are engaged in jobs related to interior decoration are aware of lighting importance in indoor environments and focus the main part of their work on light and its diffusion ways in environments and the various rooms.

Efficient use of light in home decoration


The home environment is where we spend the most important hours a day. Meals time and sleeping, waking times and afternoons are among times when most of us spend these hours at home. Our feeling in these hours is greatly influenced by the home environment. Many factors are contributors in this influencing that the light is the most important. Given that our life’s routine has a close affiliation with the beginning of the day, we can greatly benefit from daylight in positive influence on the home’s people by using of some techniques of interior design.


In this article, it is referred to the points in this regard. Although the Iranian architecture’s style in constructing homes and workplaces is somewhat different from the images of this article, but observing the general principles that are referred to in this article can greatly help to increase our positive use of natural light.


The natural light will become our mood better

Most of us feel much more euphoric in bright environments. The natural light is essential for all of us. Our skin, hair, eyes and even our mind need to this source of natural light. Also, if this light is used correctly in the home environment, positive productivity from it will be more and more. The natural light compared to artificial lights, can clean the dark environments from humidity and polluted air and can give a comfort to the environment.


A sufficient light makes that we feel the interior space bigger than usual

If you are among those people who like to feel and show your home or workplace environment bigger than it really is, the proper lighting and specially using of natural lights can be as a great help to you. An adequate and proper light deceives eyes and show the environment bigger. The dark rooms that are also full of stuffs compared to the bright rooms with less stuffs induce two completely different senses. To fill the shadows that are casted in the evenings and after sunset in the environment, use of artificial sources of light wisely.


Efficient use of windows for entering more light to the environment

In many homes, lack of light problem comes from the windows that have embedded in the bad places. The windows that have not possibility of entering more light to the environment.

Look at the home and workplace. If you don’t see enough daylight in those places, the problem may be of light entering areas. Using of bright and thin curtains and also using of light colors in designing to better light reflection can have a significant impact on the environment’s lighting.


The natural light helps to mental health

In designing many enclosed places (home or workplace), the advantages and effects of the natural light on mental health are ignored. In enclosed environments, being a light that is as effect of reflecting or direct entering of daylight and the sun is very important. In order to check your home or workplace’s condition in terms of being adequate light in them, you can spend a short time in the outdoors; then come back into; if you also feel the outdoer’s freshness in home’s interior environment, we can say that the situation is normal. Otherwise, you should make a decision about changing the environment status to increase the light entering to the home.


A proper lighting increases the environment’s beauty

Lighting has made a great progress in interior design. The hidden lights with new technologies that benefit from the combination of fluorescent lamps and LED lamps will help to increase the environment’s beauty. Also using of warm and cool colors give new senses to the different environments. If you use of natural light, using of artificial lights with this look also can greatly help to increase the home and even workplace environment’s beauty and tranquility.


The wide windows are effective in light entering into the house

If you are thinking about or are building a new home, it is not bad to consider this advice. Depending on where you build your home, certainly it should be noted to enough light entering at different hours of day in building architecture. Entering morning light to bedroom and home environment makes you begin and continue the days incredibly better. This is while do not noting to enough light entering in architecture and interior design will be a main factor to make a depressing and dim environment that will greatly decrease your daily motivation. The large and wide windows can have a significant impact to improve the light entering to indoor environment.


Use of the best lighting tools to interior design the different parts of the home or workplace

Ask interior designer, design Services Company or shops that you want to benefit in order to design or purchase the necessary tools for your interior decoration, to use of the best samples with most productivity. Enter home at different times of day before designing, and check the light status and shadows of various rooms- depending on each room’s usage. Note that you think which sections need to direct light and which rooms need to indirect and hidden light. This helps you and your interior designer to find the better choices for the rooms and home’s various environments.


Use of apartment plants in the home environment to do not have an excuse for closing the pores of light entering

Buy the flowers and plants that are possible to keep in the home and keep them in the home. These plants lead to make a positive sense among the people, in addition they prevent closing the pores of light entering in the home environment because of their need to light and thus you will always have a bright and peaceful environment at home.

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