شما از نسخه قدیمی این مرورگر استفاده میکنید. این نسخه دارای مشکلات امنیتی بسیاری است و نمی تواند تمامی ویژگی های این وبسایت و دیگر وبسایت ها را به خوبی نمایش دهد.
جهت دریافت اطلاعات بیشتر در زمینه به روز رسانی مرورگر اینجا کلیک کنید.

Economized Tap

A tap presented by French designer Philippe Starck in New York uses half as much water as regular taps.

Economized Tap

Ninety jets spurt combinations of air and water to give the sensation of more falling water than is actually being used. These nozzles are made of silicon to prevent limescale formation.
"We have created a new type of water , which we call 'empty water' ," Starck said. "You have the feeling of having a lot of water , but with less."
Designed for bathroom brand Axor , the Organic faucet is turned on at the nozzle to either an economy or a boost setting , keeping the hands low in the bowl to avoid splashing the surrounding basin and surfaces. It has a flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute compared to standard models that average seven liters per minute.
The temperature is preset at the top of the tap , so water comes out at the desired warmth each time it's used and none is wasted while fumbling to adjust the heat. "When we change temperature we lose a lot of water ," said Starck. "We don't need to change temperature - we always use water at more or less the same temperature. That's why we've added a pre-set feature."

Its shape is derived from natural forms. "It's something very , very pure ," he said. "The lines come from our body , from vegetation."

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