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Llife and work have changed with Technological advances and the emergence of new and advanced tools , More business to take virtual tours has become ,
Internet platform , linking role it plays among firms and individuals.

After years of stagnation in the construction industry , is now a new opportunity for movement and growth and prosperity being created in the industry and the building trade. Building industry , the second largest industry and one of the most thriving industries and is the most profitable businesses.

The khane's web site  (www.khane.com) based on the large experience of B2B e-commerce sites in the world , plans to introduce products and valve manufacturing enterprise of building both inside and outside the country.

KHANE in the year  2013 with the aim of creating a comprehensive site for dating and sales of materials and equipment needed to build a building and the needs of buyers and sellers was founded . In the year  2015 , according to the needs of today's advanced technology was again rewritten .

It is possible to any manufacturing or commercial company active in the construction industry could be on the KHANE , his have official website in both Persian and English  and its products photo gallery , and the introduction the category and the providing .

KHANE.COM with the aim of attracting audiences outside of Iran , the English site (en.khane.com) to independently design and independent marketing program to attract users to run the non-Persian  languages ​​.

Each member of a KHANE site , can communicate with other members , capabilities and offer their products to visitors and to expand its customer network .

The Section KHANE site search products and companies , Introducing  the Company , Ways shows  to connect and share with each company and contact and  KHANE no role and contribution of producers and buyers to each other but not for themselves.

The main mechanism site activities , creating database products and companies active in the field of building and engagement which requires procurement and construction industries are , connect buyers with sellers with less time and expense caused.

We believe that the Internet enables large and small companies to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the global economy as well as the gain .

Where to start?

First, register on the site . The next step is to create your own section , After entering basic information about your business , you will have a site in Persian and English in two independent address Such as :

Persian version : yourname.khane.com

English version : yourname.en.khane.com

Now it is your site completeness of the information , data and images to introduce our company and products login here.

There is no limit of the number of products and categories And As well as stand-alone pages about the Company , Managers , branches and agencies created here.

After the site was prepared to wait for our users who forward with a massive campaign to the KHANE' site , see your site , become familiar with your company and to communicate something to contact you .

Digital marketing , best practices, business development in this era. Affordable and immediate !

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